Technical Bulletins

Technical Bulletins

The 100 series of bulletins describe EPC's technology and provide general technical information.
The 500 series offer product specific installation and assembly information.


  TB-101  BEPC Part Number Description
  TB-102  Index/Marker Gating Options
  TB-103  Shaft Loading and Sealing vs.Bearing Life Expectancy
  TB-104  Noise Effects on Encoder Signals
  TB-105  Noise Suppression Using Differential Signals
  TB-106  Sealing Options for British Encoder Products
  TB-107  Effect of Mechanical Jitter on Encoders
  TB-108  Using Encoders with Measuring Wheels
  TB-109  Specifying Output Types
  TB-110  Converting between single-ended and Differential
  TB-111  M12 (12 mm) Connector Option
  TB-112  BEPC Encoders in InInhospitable Environments
  TB-115  Accuracy of Encoders
  TB-116  Noise & Signal Distortion Considerations
  TB-118  A Comparison of Size 25 Encoders
  TB-119  Is a Modular Encoder Right for Your Application?
  TB-120  Gray Codes, Natural Binary Codes And Conversions
  TB-121  Guidelines for Shaft and Bore Tolerances


  TB-501  775 Locking Collar Mounting Instructions
  TB-502  775/776 Clamp Shaft Mounting Instructions 
  TB-506  260 Mounting Instructions
  TB-507  755 Flex Mounting Instructions
  TB-510  770 Mounting Instructions
  TB-511  Model 121 Installation Instructions
  TB-513  RXTX - Single Ended Encoder Driving Long Distances
  TB-514  RXTX - Differential Encoder to Single Ended Device
  TB-515  RXTX - Single Ended Encoder to Differential Receiver
  TB-516  RXTX Repeater - Differential Encoder to Differential Receiver
  TB-517  LCA Installation/Removal Instructions
  TB-518  TR1 - Tru-Trac™ Installation & Removal
  TB-519  Model 121 Dust Seal Insertion Procedure
  TB-521  Size 38.1mm Mounting Instructions (Models 15 T/H, 755HS)
  TB-525  Magnetic Coupling Installation and Removal Instructions
  TB-526  TR3 - Heavy Duty Tru-Trac™ Installation Instructions
  TB-527  High Temperature Encoder Performance
  TB-528  Pivot Bracket Installation
  TB-529  Understanding BEPC's SSI Encoders
  TB-530  SA36/MA36 Installation Information
  TB-532  Applying SPEC779 When Replacing Certain RENCO Encoders
  TB-533  Understanding BEPC's SSI Encoders
  TB-534  Model 30M Installation with a Motor Adapter​
  TB-535   Model 30M Using the Installation Centering & Gapping Tool
  TB-536  Wiring Installation Guide for the Model 30M​
  TB-537  Quick Start Instructions for Programmable Accu-CoderPro™ Encoders
  TB-538  Installation of Model 30MT
  TB-539  MA/SA58H Installation Guide​
  TB-540  Model 58TP and 58TF Installation Guide​